Thursday, 20 May 2010

Changing ways to listen to the music industry.

When talking to my family the other day they were speaking about recording the radio onto tapes. How a sunday night chart show they would have to be silent so they could pick up the music. Then going to by there first vinyl. Leading up to us, the kids, buying our first cd and what was it. I think everyone can remember what was there first single they bought and it is sad that the younger people would never physically buy a single. Now it is easier, cheaper and quicker to get the music you want. I never by cds anymore now, one because i am no good with them, i would easily scartch them and not put them in the correct case. Second because if i hear a song that i like i need to buy it instantly, not because i cant wait, but because i will forget the name of the song. So having I-Tunes i can keep it all organised and create my own playlist in a matter of seconds.

Another interesting thing when talking to my family is that my uncle and auntie were so against the downloading music. They like listening to the tapes, mainly i think for the sentimental value as while they were trying to record the chart song they would get someone talking over it. But if you think in a life time how much it has changed from vinyl, cd to download where can the future go?

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