Monday, 17 May 2010

Long tail notes

Top 50 songs are not being made.

People who would be interested in Advertisment on tele are turning of the television and switching on the internet.

Itunes killed the radio star.

Changing where to acess information

Modern day consumer picks what he likes not worried if it isnt mainstream.

Free time is on internet only watches two hours of tele.

Choice is what has changed people they have access to it all.

TV shows where more popular in the 80s as there was less choice
interent is a niche markets
"one size fits all" - is dying out it is more everyone finds there own part

Broadcasting - sheepding - following each other.

Most music, films etc are not hits however millions do watch/listen

Niche market find niche audience is a force to be reckoned with.

Internet is absorbing all products becoming broadcaster and theatre.

The invisble market has turned visble.

Digitial distrubtion.

Consumers look at everything.

If you make something someone will consume it.

98 percent everthing sells at least once.

Only a few slots, so play what will sell. but more slots will play variety.

Hits are great but niche are better.

Small sales- but add to the same as mainstream.

No store could hold as many hits than the internet.

Googlem, ebay where long tail applies. Public add to the tail.

What happens when everything comes availiable to everyone.

We can buy branded or unbranded we can become mini consumers.

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